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     Experienced professionals specialised in national law, DIANA DRAGOMIR & ASSOCIATES provide legal services, both in civil and in criminal matters, in all trial phases and at the level of all courts of justice: district courts, county courts, Courts of Appeal, the High Court of Cassation and Justice, the Constitutional Court, the Court of Strasbourg.

     For many years now, we have successfully represented our clients - commercial companies, individuals, associations, foundations, representatives and groups of individuals, in particular, in:

     The settlement of differences:

  • legal consultancy on differences approaching strategies, advising clients on opportunities to launch proceedings, assessing costs and success odds, selecting the most effective way to settle the difference;
  • legal consultancy and assistance in pre-litigation stages, evidence assessment, legal assistance and representation in the evidence provision proceedings, extra-judicial expert appraisals submission etc.;
  • mediation, negotiation and assistance services for transactions conclusion;
  • drafting of all deeds and documents involved by difference settlement;
  • establishing legal strategies to avoid the most frequently emerging litigations in clients’ activity.

     Civil and commercial litigations:

  • legal assistance and representation during all procedural stages, including in the previous conciliation, in all significant civil and commercial domains, in the conflicts which emerged subsequent to conclusion of civil and commercial agreements, of insurance agreements, in proceedings involving responsibility of the creditor, the relation with banks, in cases involving sales-purchase contracts, mortgage, guarantee, products quality, real estate, land fund record book etc.

     Contentious and administrative matters:

  • assessment of various documents and deeds from the perspective of administrative norms compliance;
  • analysis of the administrative authority position towards clients, in cases such as: denial to issue authorisations, approvals, permits etc. or failure to answer registered applications, so as to find the best and most effective solution to settle the respective situation;
  • assistance and representation in the preliminary stage, drafting of all necessary deeds, as well as of legal actions, counseling, assistance and representation along all trial stages, before administrative courts.

     Corporate & business conflicts:

  • identification of the best suited solutions to settle corporate conflict; legal assistance and representation along all procedural stages to settle differences, including in litigations among shareholders, protection of minority stakeholders, filing applications to annul recordings with the trade registry etc.

     Claims recovery:

  • legal consultancy on claims recovery modalities; assessment of the recovery chances, selection of the recovery approach strategy, assessment of recovery costs, as well as legal assistance and representation before the courts in common law or special proceedings for claim recovery, in various domains of law.

     Damages recovery:

  • legal assistance and representation in cases involving recovery of damages incurred, including the damages generated by harming reputation or image, libel etc.

     Enforcement procedure:

  • legal assistance and representation in all enforcement procedures, counseling in the selection of court enforcement officers, participation jointly with the latter in the unfold of movable or immovable estate foreclosure proceedings;
  • legal assistance and representation in appeals against enforcement, garnishment validation and in any legal action involving enforcement procedures;
  • legal assistance and representation before courts for the acknowledgement of legal decisions ruled abroad.

     Criminal litigations:

  • legal assistance and representation in various criminal proceedings before the police and the prosecution.


  • assessment of the client’s insurance policy and its evolution in time, as well as of the instances in which damages may be claimed; counseling, assistance and representation of the client in the procedures to obtain a reasonable solution/settlement; drafting and submitting claims for damages etc.

     Intellectual property:

  • legal assistance and representation to protect copyright and intellectual property.

     Employment and labour litigations:

  • legal assistance and representation in the conflicts related to labour rights, obligations and interests, dismissals, conflicts between employees and employer etc.


  • legal assistance and representation in cases involving family relations, including divorces, child custody, partition by court etc.